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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Have Beauty Makeover To Your Baby....

Sorry for have been quiet recently. I'm quite busy with all the study and research. So, it's hard to find some time to spend for updating blog. Okay, now let's talk about makeover. This is just not the ordinary makeover. It's the babies makeover. I'm sure it's quite challenging to handle these babies. Want to see the result? See for yourself... Let's take a vote which baby to be the best makeover...

Baby no 1

Baby  no 2

Baby no 3

Baby  no 4

Baby  no 5

p/s: So, who's gonna be the winner? =)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Girl Get Jealous Easily Because Their Boyfriend Handsome??

One day one of my friend asked me, 'Do you fell jealous when your girlfriend is pretty and every guys like to look and staring at her?'. Well for me, it's depend on the situation and trustful. If you trust your girlfriend and know her attitude well, you won't feel any feeling at all. Then, why she asked me out of blue? She said that she feel really jealous to her boyfriend, just because he is handsome. I know jealousy could be normal feeling to all girls. Thus this happen to anyone.

Let's take an example, your boyfriend is preety boy, stylish person, charming, come from rich family and bla bla bla. (I could  not discribe anymore..hehe). In simple way, it's come with all the package that all girl dream of. If you go out with your boyfriend, what can happen? Some of other girls may take a second look to your boyfriend. What's in their mind is 'who's that prince charming?'. So, what can happen to you in that situation?

1) Your mood will suddenly change from happy go lucky person to gloomy saddest person in the world..(this always happen =)

2) You will hold your boyfriend's arm tightly just to show 'This guy is mine, so get lost!!!'

3) You will drag your boyfriend to other place by giving any excuses..

4) You will yell and scold in front of them (Well this kinda extreme way =p)

5) Or you just ignore it as you don't have any feeling at all...

I have done survey. It's look like most of the girl prefer to choose an ordinary guy than good looking guy as their boyfriend. Maybe it's the safest way to avoid trouble in the relatioship. But for me, the jealousy is not depend on how handsome your boyfriend are but what the attitude of he have. If he very freindly and like to have sweet talk to all girls, even without having good looking,  you might end up by feeling jealous compare with good looking guy but doesn't know how to talk to girls...Who agree with me, put your hands up..hehe

p/s : Can someone feel jealous  if their boyfriend like to play with cats? =)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How To Prevent Your Car From Stealing

Look at these pictures, see how creative the owner to keep his car save and sound. Maybe this is one of the best way to prevent car from stealing. Have anybody have done this before? =)

p/s : pretty good idea right?...on the second thought, maybe these photo taken by a thief before stealing...=)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Age Do Man Feel Matured?

What do you mean by matured? A man can be matured if they can:
1) make decision in his life
2) know what meaning of responsible
3) be serious about marriage and children

What the ideal age of man to be matured? This the question where everybody always talking about. Many people know girl usually matured early than a man. When girl already thinking about marriage and responsible, but the guys still thinking about playing games and like to read comic books. So, at what age man think he is matured? Is it in in their 30's or maybe they will be matured enough at the age of 50's...

For me, this kind of thing cannot be depend on the age only and it's will be different for everyone. It's depend on many factor and one of it is depend on his background. What I mean is his family background, the surrounding and how he is brought up. Sometime you may find a guy who is 25 years old but still never had bad experience happen at him, and he still live with his parent which mean all his meal was supported by his parent also. This can contributed on why he still immature.

I give another situation. One guy is 20 years old, his parent had passed away so all his sibling depend on him. This mean he has big responsible on his shoulder. He need to need to be independent person. This kind of experience can make him more matured at early stage compare to other person who at the same age as him. Another factor is depend on his friends. If most of his friends are older than him. This can make him matured also at early stage.

So, there is a guy who is matured at early age because of the situation needs him to be matured. When the situation arises, sometimes guys can be matured by handling and solving problem in difficult situation.  There are many factors can influence a man to be matured. It's quite difficult to determine at what age man usually get matured.

p/s: If an old man still watching cartoon, does he still not matured? =)

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