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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Age Do Man Feel Matured?

What do you mean by matured? A man can be matured if they can:
1) make decision in his life
2) know what meaning of responsible
3) be serious about marriage and children

What the ideal age of man to be matured? This the question where everybody always talking about. Many people know girl usually matured early than a man. When girl already thinking about marriage and responsible, but the guys still thinking about playing games and like to read comic books. So, at what age man think he is matured? Is it in in their 30's or maybe they will be matured enough at the age of 50's...

For me, this kind of thing cannot be depend on the age only and it's will be different for everyone. It's depend on many factor and one of it is depend on his background. What I mean is his family background, the surrounding and how he is brought up. Sometime you may find a guy who is 25 years old but still never had bad experience happen at him, and he still live with his parent which mean all his meal was supported by his parent also. This can contributed on why he still immature.

I give another situation. One guy is 20 years old, his parent had passed away so all his sibling depend on him. This mean he has big responsible on his shoulder. He need to need to be independent person. This kind of experience can make him more matured at early stage compare to other person who at the same age as him. Another factor is depend on his friends. If most of his friends are older than him. This can make him matured also at early stage.

So, there is a guy who is matured at early age because of the situation needs him to be matured. When the situation arises, sometimes guys can be matured by handling and solving problem in difficult situation.  There are many factors can influence a man to be matured. It's quite difficult to determine at what age man usually get matured.

p/s: If an old man still watching cartoon, does he still not matured? =)

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