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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Have You Ever Received Dirty SMS??

Salam to all readers,

Have you ever been received sms just like this:

"Are you lonely? You have been choosen to enjoy our collection. To get our private collection, just send 'yes' to us. We have to warn you this is for 18 years old and above."

Well, this is another sms which i frequently received:
"If you can stand to the pleasureness of my private video. Please kindly send 'yes' to us. We will be waiting for your answers"

If you guys were in my shoe, which one do you prefer? Either you will send yes or not. But both this services is not free, it may charge some amount of money. In my opinion, I would say this is just wasting of your time and money and I bet you guys would say the same thing also.

But sometimes i wondering how they get our number? Is it they just press the number randomly or they get our number from someone else? Well, if you guys know something, let us share your information and opinion in comment below.

Which one would you do if you get this massages:

1) Just ignore it, and delete the message. It's just wasting my time...

2) Keep the mesage and i will report this to police as a prove and take the action

3) Just reply, 'Bullshit man. I'm not horny as yours"

4) Warn the sender by saying 'I will report this to the police then see you in jail'

5) Just say yes, and enjoy all the video...hahaha =)

p/s: just wondering if i just reply 'no' to those massages, is it gonna be charged?
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