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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is This China Innovation Or Just Fake??

Salam to all readers,

As we all known, China is a developed country which has conquered most of the world economy. One of the reason is they have a lot of labour which is lower the prices compare to other developed country. Nowdays, I've heard China aim to be a innovative country to compete with the Japan and America. For my point of view, I think this might gonna happen. See for yourself, they already have the fastest train in the world and they also have a high tech stadium which known as 'Bird Nest Stadium'.

Other people might say that China also produce many fake branded accessory, shirts and many things. Are this can be one of the innovation of the China?

Ball Star instead of All Star

how to spell this..abcids??
(instead of adidas)

the shirt show Pama??
(instead of Puma)

polystation?? is it should be police station..haha
(instead of playstation)

hmm....is this an alien language? really hard to spell
(instead of Fila)

NIRE instead of NIKE

Sonia?? what a beautiful name..haha
(instead of Sony)

look weird since the cat is start to smoke...haha
(instead of Puma)

p/s: the fakes is usually cheaper than the original one...which one do you prefer? the original one or the fakes? =)

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