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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feel Shame To Bargain?

Do you always go for shopping? I know some of you guys like to go for shopping at the mall no matter you are a girl or a guy. Both have the same interest in shopping. So, when you buy something from the shop, do you alway start to bargain with the shopkeeper? Or maybe you just buy something without do any bargain? Well in that case, you must be a rich person...=)

I know some of you guys like to do bargaining when to buy something. Well, it's common thing to get the cheaper price. And i know also some of you guys feel shy when to do bargaining. If you asked me, I prefer stay in the middle which is sometimes I like to do bargaining and sometimes I'm not depend on the situation. What kind of situation I mean about? Well I give an example:

If you see a shopkeeper who is friendly and kind. That's the time we need to do bargain. Seriously, in my experience if I found those kind of shopkeeper, I like to talk with them and laugh with them, just to be friendly. Hoping that they will give me a discount. Usually it really works..haha But if I find a shopkeeper who is not very friendly and always look serious, better I just follow the price without any question....haha =p

Do you have any strategies on how to bargain? Maybe you have a hint..come on, share with us. In my expereince, the one who like to bargain is always the man. How about the girl? Does this mean the girl didn't know how to bargain? But the funny thing is the one who always bought something is always the girl. How about the man? Where did they go after bargaining? =)

p/s : have anyone do bargaining in the petrol station before? =p

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