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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What The Meaning When A Man Cry?

Some may said when a guy cried in front of the girl, it is a precious moment. Because we usually see only the girls cry. We rarely see a guy who can cry in front of people. Well this because of the ego part in the body of a man. The ego is the main reason why a guy can stand look couraging and stay cool even when the big problem come. Some may also said, when a guy cries it a sign how sincere the guys it is in the realtionship. How far it is true?

"I never see my boyfriend cry in front of me since our relationship begin"

Well, this seem normal to me. Does guy need to cry in front of the girl just to express himself? Some may say yes and may say no. Why yes? It is a way to show how sincere he is in the relationship. Then why some say no? Just because to show your girl how sincere you are. No need for you to cry. It is just like a child who only depend to his parent. You can just show how sincere you are in how loyalty you are in your relationship.

How about to the girls? Most of the girl feel sympathy when they see their boyfriend crying in front of them. They feel touch when in situation like this. But other seem don't like to see guy crying in front of them. They are just like crybaby. How weak and annoying they are. Anyone can just cry in front of you because they need your sympathy. It is more a like an acting.

Either way, man's heart sometimes feel sensitive. They are also crying sometime to express the feeling themselves either show in front of the girl or just crying alone. Because a man also a human too and they have feeling to express themselves.

p/s : when a guy cry, does the girl need to persuade him or just leave him alone? =)

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