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Monday, February 8, 2010

Have You Ever Had Blind Date Before??

Blind date happen when you go on a date with someone you don't know, or when someone sets you up with someone you dont know. Blind dates are sometimes good, usually bad, and always weird at the beginning. Blind date begin usually through chat or mail randomly. To my expereince, people who like this sort of thing is people who don't have any confident in themselves. So, in other word this people usually is a nerd. So, if you had done blind date before. Could be you also a nerd as well? haha..

How to start blind date? Well, you have to know a bit about your partner. You cannot just simply approach to meet her out of the blue. You might lose her. So, this can be done by chatting. Well, to me it is seem this is a traditional way. A new version to know a new friends is by facebook or twitter. In this era, if you stil don't have any account of twitter or facebook. People might call you 'You already miss a train'....haha

Why people need blind date? Some people get involved this kind of thing just to get more friends. But others I think more on to find a true love. To me, I more prefer to have a true and real friends rather than imaginary friends. Because nowdays all this imaginary freinds sometime quite scary, and they seem desprate enough to get more friends. I have expereinced before, until I changed my account and my phone number because she doesn't know how to quit disturbing me. Maybe she fall in love with me after I send her my picture just for fun...haha

So, what is the outcome when you do blind date. There are many possiblity :

1) You fell in love with the first sight and straight away declare she is your lover

2) You might disippointed when see her not pretty than you thought and after that lost contact with her

3) She seem okey to you. And until now you still be friends with her.

4) Who knows she might be your life partner in the future....=)

So, how about you guys? Have any expereince of blind date before? Just share with all the readers....

p/s: How about a date with a blind person...is it can call blind date too? =)

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