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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Do Man Hate To Give Flowers To A Girl??

Have you ever experinced give your girlfriend a flower as a present? To the girls, this is the romantic moment need to be remembered in the rest all her life. But lately, it seem that many guys hate to buy a flower or even a bouquet to their girlfriend. So, I asked to all my friends on what their opinion on this matter.

To the guys

1) Buying flower is just wasting their money because flowers do not last long. Eventually all the flowers will just be trown away...

2) Feel embarassed when to buy a flower from florist. Maybe because never done it before

3) Better buy something that can be used all day long such as keychain, teddy bear or others

4) Better buy some food to eat. You'll never regret it...=)

How about to the girls

1) Still hoping their boyfriend will buy her a flower at least once

2) Some girls prefer their boyfriends to buy them an ipod or the latest handphone model. I think this kind of girls is materialistic girls

3) Some girls do not prefer a flower to be a present or a gift...

4) They understand their boyfriends do not like flowers. So, they never expecting the flower to be as a gift

p/s : What happen when a girl buy a flower to her boyfriend. What kind of reaction do you expect from her boyfriend? =)

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