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Monday, February 1, 2010

Does The World Can Be Better If You Commit Suicide??

Nowdays many people have invovled in suicide especially teenagers. The saddest thing is most of them are muslim. Did they know if you commit suicide in Islam, you will never feel the heaven itself? Sometimes I was thinking why people desperately want to commit suicide. Is it by doing that, all the problems can be solved just like that? Below the facts I take from the papers:

1) Facts of commit suicide

a) 73 from 113 people commit suicide in their own house but others in their girlfriends's house or in the neighbourhood.

b) The favourite location to commit suicide are in the estate, commersial building, in school, in the graveyard and on the road

c) The reason to commit suicide in the house due to no people around them. So, they can die in peace (is it true?)

d) Only 20% of the victim tell their friends or family that they want to commit suicide

2) The favourite technique to commit suicide

a) In Malaysia, they just suffocating themselves by hanging to the ropes

b) Drink poisonous liquid

c) Jump from the building. If you afraid of height, then don't do it. Wasting your time..haha

d) Smell poisonous gases

e) Shoot the gun straight to the head. (headshot man..)

f) Take overdose of sleeping pills in order to sleep forever

So, if anybody who have any problem either love problem, family problem, or problem in the works, do not commit suide okey. It is not the best solution to do that. Have faith to God. If you think your problem is so big, thing about other people. They also have their own problem even it can be much complicated than yours. Remember, we have several options to make choice but to commit suicide is not one of the options.

p/s: I hate it when my own friend tell me that she want to commit suide after she know about her boyfriend have affair. My advice is just leave that stupid boy behind and find others. They are plenty of boys around the world that can be your boyfriend...

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