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Thursday, February 4, 2010

People Think Boys Can Be Greater Than Girls??

I think this post will might make all the girls be mad at me...hehe relax sis, this is just a fact that I found. Just to share with you guys. If you don't agree with me, just say it in the comment...

1) If a guys sit with the scatter papers all over the table, people might think this guy is hardwoking man.. What happen when come to girls, they thought this girl doesn't even know how to look after themselves. They also think that this girl might be untidy person..is it true? hehe

2) When guys talks to the officemate, people might thought they are discussing about the deal with other company. But when girls started talk to others, people might think this girl like to gossip

3) When a guy does not show up to his office, people may thought this guys go meet the clients and customers. But people may think girl will go for shooping if she doesn't turn up in her office...

4) What people thinks if a guy go out with his boss? they may thougt he might have a bright future to be promoted. If a girl go out with her boss, they might thought she having affair with her boss....this is scary..haha

5) People might think this guy must be at the meeting room if they find a guy doesn't show up at his desk. But what happen when a girl doesn't show up at her desk. They thought this girl must in the toilet to make up her face..haha

p/s: well, how about you guys? Did you agree with this...a bet it's not especially to girls....hehe

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