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Friday, February 5, 2010

Student Life vs Work Life

Have you ever thought which life do you prefer? This what I find among my friends. Some of them have thought that they want to finish their study and graduate quickly to get the job. Some of them also who had been working recently but miss their study life. So guys, which one are you?

1) Some people may have thought that study life is boring and not very interesthing. This is due to most probably they continue their studies on the course which they are not interested in. Everytime they open up the books and study. They feel like they are wasting their time when they are studying.

2) Some may thinks that they need to complete study first before they go out to work. Because knowledge is power in  this life and they never thought that study is wasting their time. They usually like the environment of the student life which can be more sosial with friends

3) Some people also prefer doing both. Either doing part time job and full time study or part time study and full time job. We can gain both knowledge and experience at the same time. Honestly, I prefer this point but due to my course study, I don't have enough time to do part time job...=)

4) Both study life and work life is sucks. Just be happy and enjoy yourself..

p/s: I have been wondering, which one is more stressful? either in woking life or during study life....

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